Thursday, December 20, 2012

20 Wishes Progress #1

I knew the first month of Twenty Wishes would be hard because of just giving birth. I just never planned on having complications and ending up back in the hospital. One thing I plan on doing soon is making a couple copies of my 20 Wishes and putting them in places I see often such as the car, bathroom mirror, and refrigerator. I'll write a little about each wish.

1. Crochet a blanket (I do not know how to crochet)
I haven't started but I did download a video on how to start crocheting. 
2. Make a scrapbook of Jack's first year.
I haven't started but I did buy some supplies to get started. Next I need to print off some pictures. 
3. Spend a romantic weekend with my husband.
Not going to do this until February. 
4. Do a spa day with my mom and sister.
Might do this for Mothers Day
5. Weigh under 160
I lost 2 lbs this month! Lots more to go though :(
6. Attend a wine tasting
Gonna have to find a wine tasting or host one myself. 
7. Host a party for friends
I'm excited about this one. Just gotta plan something. 
8. Participate in a charitable marathon (maybe the training will get in under 160)
Need to find one to participate in. 
9. Visit 3 new places I've never been
I want to do a little research for this one.
10. Take family portraits
I've done some research as to who to pick. 
11. Cook something new once a month
I have printed off a recipe and will be making next week. 
12. Get my eyebrows done
I've gotta do this soon. They look a mess. 
13. Do 10 acts of random kindness.
This would be the perfect time for these random acts of kindness but my life has been crazy so I am going to do them later in they year so I can spread cheer throughout the year. 
14. Get a new hairdo 
Will probably do this in March for my birthday
15. Pick a charity for our family to focus on
Arkansas Children's Hospital is the one I've picked for us
16. Put together a family recipes book
I need to start this one next week. Must put on to do list. My mom will be doing a lot of cooking and I need to be near by to write it all down.
17. Go on a family vacation. I want to start this tradition early on. 
Probably will do this Spring Break or summer
18. Buy me some cute matching under garments. I'm really bad about not buying the cute stuff and hitting up the sales rack. I wanna buy a few sets of the good stuff. 
Fingers crossed for a gift certificate. 
19.  Do a blog giveaway
I now have 44 followers and will do a giveaway when I reach 50 so not far from now. 
20. Make 10 personalized gifts for friends or family
I had thought about doing this for Christmas and then decided that it would be more fun to spread it out. 

With all of these wishes I want to stay focused and come up with a plan. The first month was a little difficult but I hope times ahead are easier. I'm already looking forward to my January update where I can show off all of my progress. 

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