Thursday, January 3, 2013

Transitioning to Crib

Jack is now 8 weeks. Since his birth we have rarely used his nursery. Basically our living room is his nursery. Jack's favorite place to sleep is his swing. I go back to work Monday and I am heart broken about it but that's life so what I have to do is get Jack in his crib at night so this mama can get some sleep.

Here is how we are making this transition:

1. Sound machine comes on when it is time to sleep. We use the rain sound.

2. Swaddle. If Jack has his hands accessible he will not sleep.

3. We started putting him in his crib when it was nap time. We are successful only some of the time but each times it gets better. 
4. Around 8 o'clock at night we start our bath, book, and bottle routine.

5. We rock him until he is almost asleep before we lay him down.

6. When he does cry in the crib we give it a minute and if he doesn't stop one of us goes in to give him his pacifer and comfort him. We do this until he is asleep.

Some nights Jack wins and he ends up in his swing. The next day we just start back over. Also I need to confess that I put an air mattress in his nursery floor because I'm not ready to leave him alone over night. I want him to love his room and this mama needs her sleep again.

*sorry for no pictures! I'm having to use the tablet right now and the darn thing will not upload a picture. I had the cutest picture of Jack swaddled in his bed too :(


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  2. I slept in the same room as the boys until they were each around the three month mark. I use that same concept, that every day is a new day. Babies go through so many changes, it is insane! Make sure to take a lot of pictures, too!!

    1. I feel bad for my husband because he has expressed missing me in the bed but I am not ready to leave Jack just yet. Right now I just checked on him in his crib and he was asleep! Victory as of right now!

  3. Don't feel guilty for putting an air mattress in his room. You have to do what makes you comfortable. Violet slept in her swing for a long time. We had one in our room and one downstairs. LOL

    1. Jack does not like his swing unless he is asleep. I really wanted him to love it. He is a wiggle worm and really loves his tummy time mat while on his back not tummy. He actually hates tummy time.

  4. Really good tips...these tips will come in handy for me someday. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I'm so glad you are following me!I am now one of your newest followers. I love your blog and the new hair. I have to do something drastic with my hair but I am so scared.

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