Monday, February 4, 2013

Top 5 Baby Items

When I found out I was pregnant was when I discovered blogs. I did many hours of blog stalking looking for the must have baby items. Now that I have a 4 month old I have my own items that I couldn't live without. 

1. Rock and Play Sleeper. It is his favorite place to sleep. I can put it by the bed and rock him when I need to at night. It also folds up nicely and easy to transport.

2. Boppy. I love it for putting around me and feeding Jack. 
3. Swaddle. Jack will hit himself in the face and wake himself up so we have to swaddle him at night.

4. Gripe water. We don't have to use it often, but when we do it is a God send.

5. Jack loves his wubannub. Read my post here about Jack's love for Frank.


  1. I regret not having that rock and play sleeper. I am getting one if we have another baby. I love the boppy, best pillow ever!

  2. The boppy and swaddle blankets were my favorite baby items.

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  3. I really wanted that sleeper. We got our baby a infant to toddler rocker and he really enjoys that. The boppy is something I always wanted. And we used the swaddler too. Love the Velcro ones!!! Thank you so much for linking up with me ;)

  4. Thanks for the list! I'm in the process of registering and those are good ideas!


    1. The Rock and Play is my absolute favorite baby item! I could not imagine not having it. You can get one on Amazon for 45 dollars.

  5. We love our the Rock and Play! I asked my husband what his favorite baby item and that's the one he named. We bought it when we were visiting my family over Christmas break and our little man would not sleep in the pack n play. The rock and play solved all of our problems. :)