Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All Over the Place

What kind of cleaner are you?
Do you have a schedule or do you clean sporadically?
I'm a "to-doer" on so many levels but when it comes to cleaning I'm just all over the place.
I've made the family cleaning schedule (several times I might add).
Ever so often a blogger will post about their cleaning schedule and will even include the printable.
 I'll print that bad boy out and get excited about our new cleaning schedule that I WILL stick to this time.
It works-for a freaking day or two-and then it gets dropped. 
My diets work about the same way but that's a whole different story. 

When I saw this funny I recognized it as me pretty quickly.

I hate this about myself. 
I wish I could stick to a cleaning schedule. 
I clean every day. 
It is just never a scheduled clean. 
Sometimes I do laundry before work.
Sometimes I don't do laundry for days.
That system really doesn't work.

I'll tell myself that I will no longer go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink and by golly for 2 whole mornings I'll wake up with a clean sink.
Then it will be a long day and I will just wanna go to bed so I tell myself I'll just leave them just this once and then the next morning I'm bummed about my dirty kitchen.
I'll come home from work and have to cook supper and then it is too much to clean now that you are all full from the great meal you just cooked. 
That will last until I've had a enough or we run out of cups and then "I am going to stop going to bed with dirty dishes" starts again.
Vicious cycle people. 

What do I plan on doing about this problem?
1. Yell at my husband that he needs to help me out more with the cleaning.
2. Stick to that cleaning schedule on my fridge.
3. Run around cleaning like a mad woman and then stop because now I have to clean out the closets.

Probably 1 and 3 because sticking to a cleaning schedule just doesn't work for me even as much as I wished it did. 

I can't help it I have ADCD!

I would like to do you clean?
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  1. I am ADCD'er, too. I really don't like cleaning. I try not to stress out over it and hope others aren't judging me. I am more motivated by being organized...and still I feel unorganized in areas.

  2. Haha this is so true. I don't have a cleaning schedule either. Mostly whatever area is worst get attention first!

  3. You know what I hate? I'll spend an entire day cleaning, and then like two days later it has to be done again! Like the laundry. It takes me so long to finally wash and put away every load of laundry, that by the time it's finally done, there's more laundry that needs to be done! Cooking is the same. I hate having to cook EVERY night. I feel so accomplished doing it once, that having to do it every night is just exhausting! I wish these things could just do themselves so I could just enjoy the cleanliness and home-cooked meals without all the work. :)