Monday, April 22, 2013

Back Home

Although I'm all grown up with a house and family of my own, it's nice to go back to your mama's house from time to time. I spent Saturday and most of Sunday at my parents. They watched Jack Friday night while me and the girlfriends got together for a long over due night out. My husband was busy this weekend so it was a great one to see friends and go back home.
Since my mom broke her leg (7 weeks ago now) she can't cook her amazing food that I usually get when I'm there so instead I made salads and baked potatoes. We sat around talking and watching tv. We even sat on the front porch for awhile because it was so nice outside.
Here is a picture of Jack wearing his cousin's Arkansas Razorback cap:

Here is another picture of Jack chillin' on the front porch:

A picture that shows his first teeth:

Going back home is nice but it is sure nice to be back home.

I'm gonna go ahead and say I may not do a great job at blogging this week. The book fair at the school is all next week and as the librarian I'm in charge. I'll be exhausted every day when I get home and will still have to do my house business like that stupid cooking and cleaning crap. I'm gonna do my best though. I'm going to try and not spend the paycheck I got on Friday at the book fair. Now that I have a child I can't help but buy books for that cute face. I'll be sure to do a post on the ones I buy. 


  1. That face... is just too cute.

    Hope you have a nice week at he fair. I always loved those when I was in school.

  2. I have a book buying addiction for Violet. It is a tad ridiculous but she loves them.

    Jack is so cute, he is growing so fast!

  3. Jack is just so adorable! I always loved book fairs when I was in school. :) Going home is always nice. Hope you don't wear yourself out too much this week! :)