Monday, May 6, 2013

How Candy Crush Changed My Life

I joined the candy crush bandwagon about 3 weeks ago. My husband joined in a week later because I put it on his phone because he kept stealing mine. Now to most people it is just a game but to us it was just the thing to bring some joy back into our chaotic lives. I know how sad and pathetic that sentence sounded but the truth is the truth. We are busy people so playing a quick round of candy crush is a fast thing we do throughout the day and when Jack goes to sleep we will often play our 5 lives before bed. We get gangsta serious about it. Trash talk at its best. Competition can be fun in a relationship.


My husband has actually said to me "if you give me a life I'll do the dishes". We send friendly texts about what level we are on.We aggravate each other by covering up each others phone screens. We say silly things like "your talking is messing up my game". We have fun with it. Since having a baby we don't get out much so something as silly as a game on our phones has brought fun competition to us again. It isn't the same as drinking a beer while playing pool but that's just the life of parents with a 6 month old. 


  1. So many friends are addicted to this game. I have an addictive personality and am very competitive.. I have resisted temptation of those Facebook game requests! Glad you guys are having fun. :)

  2. Haha things like that are so fun! Jon and I have a computer game that we play after Travis goes to bed, and things like that are fun to do together! As lame as it may sound! Hahaha

  3. This is so cute. My parents are doing the same thing! They're trying to get me to join, but I'm afraid of the addiction!

    xo Sam
    DIY Huntress