Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life Lately

Just writing a quick post to share my fab date night. Yesterday my mom texted me saying she would come babysit Jack if we wanted to go out. We didn't have any plans but who are we to not take her up on the offer.

We ate Mexican quickly and rushed off to watch The Heat. It was so funny! Like hurt my ribs funny. Originally my husband scoffed at my choice of movie but at the end he was all praise. I love praise! Validates what I already know :)

Of course I took no pictures. So nothing to share visually. Now I am spending my day doing some cooking (no bake cookies and taco soup). My two men are napping and so I am getting things done while watching a little Gilmore Girls and thinking about buying one of those side sockets. I am a sucker for commercials.

If you haven't seen The Heat do yourself a favor and watch. Laughing is a good thing!


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