Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Not a Clutter Gal

I've never been a person who likes a lot of stuff. Some people can pull off the collections look and still make their home look clean and organized. In my home I feel like things look overall better when there isn't stuff everywhere. But you now how life is? Things just accumulate. 

Something inside of me gets agitated and flustered when our home gets filled with stuff that isn't needed. I'm constantly fighting against the hoarding of my husband and the "maybe we'll need this" inside of me. 

This past week I started purging our home. My first stop was Jack's closet. I pulled all the clothes that are too small and stored them. I then hung up all his clothes that he can currently wear and then stored the clothes that are too big. Next, I sat down in front of the bathroom cabinet and threw out everything we don't use, that had expired, or was broken. Next I went to the kitchen and cleaned out the drawers. We don't need 3 can openers. The kitchen items will be donated. My last stop was the bookshelf. I hoard books. I love seeing all the books I've read. The reality is I probably will not read them again. I took a few minutes and pulled the books that I've read and don't have an emotional connection to. I was able to fill 3 boxes with books. 

Once we get this new flooring put in and everything put back into place I plan on doing more. We are in a transition period where some baby stuff is getting just too small (for example: his baby swing and Bumbo). We have to decide whether to store or sell. I would like to sell just because we are trying to get rid of debt and really don't have the room to store. I may sound silly but I am not sure if I can sell it. Those things feel like his things, my baby's stuff. I don't want another baby in it. Okay, I told you I would sound crazy. 

We are reaching a new point in our home where things are coming together. I want our home to become perfect for us.The cleaner and the more organized our home is the better I feel about everything. 


  1. Good for you for getting rid of stuff! I am still working on organizing our house, things pile up so quickly. I could never get rid of my books! lol

  2. I too get totally flustered and cannot function if our house gets too cluttered and messy. Which, with two kids always seems to happen. We're actually having a second yard sale in a few weeks to get rid of stuff. We kept everything from E, which was good because we didn't have to buy new for C. My husband doesn't want to keep anything once she grows out of it. He says that if we have another kid, it's going to be years down the road so we'll just buy new. A lot of the stuff, like the swing, bouncer, etc. I have no problem getting rid of. Clothes though? I have a lot of emotional attachment to certain things and find myself throwing them into their box of stuff I get to keep. It's a sticky situation because we definitely could use the money too though.

  3. I get like that some days and just go crazy with throwing things away! I'm absolutely not getting rid of any of Travis's things! More just because I want more babies and don't want to have to buy new things!