Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jack is 9 Months Old and an Awkward Story

Yesterday Jack turned 9 months old. He is getting a little big personality. He laughs at the most random things. Yesterday he was playing with his bottle and cackling. Sometimes when he watches tv he will start laughing like he gets it. He is crawling like crazy.  I seriously can not take my eyes off of him. He is also pulling up on everything which scares me to death because I'm afraid something will land on him or he will fall and hurt himself. We have disassembled his bedroom to make it safer.  

So yesterday we took Jack in for his 9 month check-up. As we were going in a new mother was walking in with her freshly born baby. We were standing close to each other as we waited to sign-in. All of a sudden blood starting hitting the floor. The woman was bleeding from between her legs. It got all over my legs and shoes. I'm talking a LOT of blood. I quickly grabbed the baby from her. I told J to grab her a wheelchair. No one came to help us. My husband screamed to the women (who were just standing behind the window) "why is no one helping us". The woman was clearly embarrassed. We got her in the chair and then a nurse came to take her back. I asked if she was okay to take the baby and she said she was. There was blood everywhere. I've had a baby so I know about post pregnancy bleeding but this was way too much. I really hope she is okay. I cleaned the blood off me the best I could and even talked to her doctor to make sure it was okay that her blood got on me. 

The doc said Jack is the picture of healthy. Score one for mama! He now weighs just under 18 pounds and is 26 inches. I've been worried about his ears but the doc said they are just fine. He produces a lot of earwax and the doctor said that was normal. We asked about his gagging while feeding his anything other than baby food. He said babies who had acid reflux will often do this. For now he said to feed him cheerios soaked in milk and to work him slowly into more textured food. 

Now to the sleep issues. So we talked to the doctor about Jack not sleeping and he recommended that we do crying it out. Ugh! J has been pushing for this for awhile so hearing the doctor say it really has him throwing the "I told you so" around. I'm not happy about it at all. I'm going to try. Everyone has their opinions on it. I fall in the category of "I'll try it but if he cries for too long then I'm going to get my baby".  We tried it yesterday for his nap. After 30 minutes of fussing and a little crying he napped for 2 hours. Last night he cried 10 minutes and is still asleep. So maybe it is working. I'll keep doing it but if I ever feel the need to go get him then I will. I can't help but hate the idea that he went to sleep crying. I love the idea of him falling to sleep happy.

Have you ever tried crying it out? Feel free to post if you are totally against it. I'm on the fence. I really think it depends on the baby and person who is getting up with the baby. Our doctor said I recommend crying it out but we have never been able to do it so I figure if the doc can't do it then it really is hard.


  1. That's nuts about that woman. I would totally be freaking out if I were you!

    And I eventually had to let my son CIO at 23 months. My husband was out of town and it was just me with my son and 7 week old daughter. Bedtime was ridiculous. It took 3 days of him crying and pounding on his door, but now he goes to bed at bedtime in his bed no problem. Staying there all night and not coming to sleep with us is another matter though.

  2. Oh my goodness! That poor woman. I hope she was OK. I am glad you and your husband where there to help her.

    As for crying it out. My advice is to always go with your mothers intuition. You know best for your child.

    Jack is a beautiful boy. Love the pictures.

  3. PS. We have 3 children. One we let cry it out- two of the other we did not. One slept in bed with us 70% of the time. One slept only in their crib. One slept with us off and on. ALL OF them are now teenagers and all of them sleep well. In their own beds. All are well adjusted- normal teenagers. ;)

  4. Oh my Gosh that poor woman...I can't imagine that happening to me much less the staff barely reacting. As for the crying it out scenario. I have 4 Kiddies and I handled each one according to their individual personalities. It honestly depends on the child and the parent. My Hubby could never stand hearing them cry so he would run in their immediately. I on the other hand could tell a distress cry from a whine so I knew when to wait them out. So, go by your instincts.

  5. I'm against letting Travis cry at all. Probably not the best thing. But why does he need to cry?! :( He's still waking up at least twice a night, so we might have to try it. For naps as well, he's just getting to be so difficult to get to sleep. I think I'll wait another month or two and see if he gets better on his own before having to sleep train.