Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Practice Makes Habit Link-Up

I'm learning so much from this link-up. Of course, I have not done as wonderful as I had hoped but I also think that is okay because what I'm learning is all worth it. 

Make the bed: This one has become a habit already. Having the bed made just makes the whole room look better. It also has been really nice not having to do that chore right before bed. Having it made also gives me that flat surface to work on during the day.

Drink 64 oz of water: I haven't done this everyday but I have drank more water than ever before. Having that water bottle in the fridge has my husband reaching in and drinking water too which is major for him. The other day I was really busy and didn't get to drink as much water and I was so thirsty by the time I got home. My body is really craving it now. 

Dishes done before bed: I have done fairly well on this one except for Sunday night. I had to come home from the first day of school and tackle them and I was mad that I didn't do them the night before. Having the dishes done at night has just about become a habit which makes this gal happy. 

To do list before bed: I have not done so well on this one. Sometimes J goes to bed before me so the lights are out when I go into the bedroom. My list is beside the bed so I just put it off. I really want this one to become a habit. 

Balance checkbook at least once a day: Horrible! I hate dealing with the money. Sitting down once a week is really when I do it and that isn't a good thing because it becomes overwhelming. I really need to get this under control and start doing it every single day. It's our money and I need to see where it all goes. 

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