Monday, August 19, 2013

Why Jack is NOT Having a Big Party

Saturday was my nephews second birthday. My sister did a train theme and even had the party at the train depot in our town. Everything was really cute from the party favor boxes (they said two two) to the cake. 

Bennett was dressed in his cutest conductor outfit and all the kids got their own conductor hat. Jack's was way too big.

Okay yeah things were super cute but boy did that poor child have some serious meltdowns. First we ate and my sister was trying to feed him the pizza so he wouldn't get it all over himself....meltdown.

He wanted to go in and out of the building instead of be with the party. We were scared he would fall down the steps so we had to keep him inside....meltdown.

Time to open the presents. He had a LOT of gifts. Samantha had Bennett in her lap to let him open them. The very first gift excited him and he really wanted to play with it but everyone was sitting around waiting for him to open gifts so we had to put the toy away....meltdown.

There were many meltdowns during the opening of presents. He wanted down. He wanted to stop. He wanted to play....meltdown.

Time for cake. We light the candle and we sing Happy Birthday. It is time to blow the candle out and he wants to grab it which of course his dad stops him....meltdown. 

My mom was feeding him cake and she gave him a bite that didn't have icing on it...meltdown.

My mom ended up taking him home before all the guests left because he was done with it all. 

When it is time for Jack's birthday it is going to be just a few people. Yes, he will get less presents. HOWEVER, he can take as long as he wants to open and play with stuff and get as messy as he wants. 


  1. I always say the same thing! They don't have fun with the big thing! LoL

  2. LOL I had THREE first birthday parties for my son. While it was madness, there weren't any meltdowns luckily. I had one large party for his second birthday and he was fine. We will do the same for his third and for my daughter's first. I love to entertain and don't get the chance to do it often. If having one large party at our house instead of catering to everyone else and having separate parties in different towns for all the family means that they all can't come, that's totally fine with me. Way too stressful to do all that!

  3. I'm totally with you for our future bebe's. I know it's fashionable to have crazy birthday parties for your kiddo's now, but it's too much work on Mommy and Baby. Stick to your guns, sister!!

  4. I never thought of all the melt downs that could accompany a big party! We will totally just have family (as in grandparents) and a few close friends over for Mia's party. I'm not all into hosting a big party with ridiculous decorations anyway.

  5. I'd recommend not opening presents! with a kid so young that definitely could cause problems. we just had my son's 3rd and it was a big one (but his first time having a big one!) and he only had one melt down - when my older son blew the candles out for him! so we just lit them again and he was fine. :)

  6. I would say the first being big is great. I also think its not just celebrating them, your first year as a parent, whether it be to one, two or three kids. I have some guidelines tho, opening presents is a for sure no! Its just too much for them.

  7. That's awful! Poor child! I'm sure it can be overwhelming. My parents told me that I cried the entire time at my first birthday. I'm not sure what kind of party we're going to have for Travis yet.