Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yes, That Just Happened

Tuesday was one of those days that being a mama that works backfired in my face. I'm talking total backfire. However, I made it to the other side and feel like I deserve one of those gold medal things for being so amazing. So here's the story.

A couple of weeks ago a teacher asked me to participate in Literacy Night for the grade she teaches. I told her I would and wrote it on the calendar for Thursday the 5th. My part was to bring refreshments and get up and talk about the Accelerated Reading program. I had things planned out to when I was going to write my speech, make cookies, make lemonade, and how I was going to juggle Jack since he would have to be with me. Had a plan, love a plan.

Tuesday as I was leaving the secretary asked if her daughter could stay at the school to play with Jack that night. Confused was me. She said tonight is Literacy Night and I know you have B watching him and she wanted to help. Panic set in. Had I wrote the date wrong? 

Ran to woman's room who had asked me to help and she said yeah the date got changed but I told you. Nope. Did. Not. Happen. No time to argue. I hightailed it to the store and threw lemonade, water, and cookies in the cart. There would be no homemade cookies and lemonade. I ran to pick up Jack. Daycare couldn't find his back-up clothes so I had to take him in a baby food stained onesie. 

Get to the school with an hour before go time. Hand Jack to the girls and he freaks out. Listen Jack does not do that. He loves people playing and laughing with him. I couldn't deal with the tears. My heart broke so I put him on my hip and went to work setting up. 

I tried a couple more time to hand him off to other people that I know but he was not having it. Sorry principal my baby suddenly hates everyone. 

The program begins. The teacher who asked me to help is talking first. Then me and then another teacher. I had the babysitter just take him because he was getting so cranky and I was going to have to speak soon. I could hear him from the cafeteria and he was in the library which is far away and behind closed doors. I couldn't just let him scream so I went and got him. 

I did my speech with my baby on my hip. He puked on me right at the start and then proceeded to chew my hair and try and take the mic from me. 

Epic fail. Lessons learned. Badges earned. 


  1. I love love LOVE that you did your speech while holding Jack! Cutest thing ever. Even if he did throw up on you. I can't believe the woman never told you that the date changed! What the hell!!

  2. Oh goodness. You earned that mama badge and wear it proudly. I hope everyone was understanding. :)

  3. That's so awesome that you did your speech while holding him! I've taken my daughter on several work trips and just worn her in the carrier. Makes it so much easier than trying to hand her off when she's not having it :-)

  4. Oh definitely deserve an award for that one! And a day at the spa and all kinds of other things! It sounds like you handled it the best you possibly could, and I'm sure everyone totally understood. They probably even enjoyed your speech more that way...who doesn't love a cute baby??