Monday, October 28, 2013

Why I LOVE Mondays

Yep, you read that right. I love Mondays. I don't like to spread that around too much but today I'm coming out with it. Of course there are many reasons to hate Mondays but looking for the positive is a great way to get over those hated reasons. 

1. Feels like a fresh start. You know that typical "this week I'm gonna....". You feel like you are really going to do it this time whether it is exercising, eating right, getting organized, or just whatever you dream of that week. You know you all say it. It gets to feel like New Year's Day every Monday. 

2. You get to catch-up with your co-workers. I love my co-workers and really enjoy getting to hear about their weekend. It is great to get to talk and laugh with them each Monday. I also have to add I love hearing how my students weekend went.

3. You get to start looking forward to the weekend. The best part of anything is the anticipation. Planning for your good time is the greatest part. You are just reeling from the weekend and are ready for the fun to begin again. You get to start looking forward to it and making plans. 

4. Reading your favorite blogs. For the most part the blogging world is pretty quiet during the weekend. Monday means lots of great posts to read.

5. You get so much more stuff done. There is just something about Monday that makes me very productive. You have relaxed over the weekend and are ready to get back to the order of everything. 

6. You are more morning prepared than the other days. Mornings are the most hectic time for us but Monday mornings usually run so much easier because Sunday night I had more time and energy to get things ready. Lunches are usually made. Laundry done. Clothes laid out. By mid-week I don't always have the energy to get all those things done before bed. 

7. HIMYM, Mom, and GH. It is the last season of How I Met Your Mother. Although I'm not in love with this season I still have to watch my show. I'm also loving the new show Mom. Super funny in a modern comedy way. This girl is also a huge General Hospital fan and have been since middle school. Friday always leaves me wanting more so I am always excited to get to watch Monday's episode. 

For all of you who hate Mondays I am giving you a little Monday humor. 

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If Monday was a person!!

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  1. Girl, I have to say...I am loving your "glass half full" attitude. I'm kind of feeling inspired by you today. Haha!