Friday, November 15, 2013

Life as a 1 Year Old

Jack has been one for a whole week now. It was weird not taking his usual weekly picture so I went ahead and did it anyways. Maybe it takes a year to make a habit :)

This outfit was purchased by NaNa. I think it is adorable but my sister said it looked dorky. My take on dorky clothes is as a boy he has his whole life to wear jeans and t-shirts so for now if I want to put him in these dorky sweaters I will. Plus my husband says I dress as an old lady so dressing my son in the same way just makes sense. 

We haven't dropped the formula all together. He gets whole milk during the day and one bottle of formula before bed. I get worried that he isn't getting enough vitamins so I want him to have at least some formula each day. Once the formula we already have runs out I am going to buy some vitamin drops. He just isn't a big eater. He is too busy getting into everything.

He is getting better at walking. He wants to run and will fall down. Sometimes he'll take his time and will get half way across the room before he decides he isn't going fast enough. 

I had to include this picture. This was Monday morning. Isn't this the perfect Monday face? He just cracks me up with his expressions. 

Y'all have a good weekend!


  1. He is the cutest! Travis isn't a big eater either. He'll eat a little bit at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but never as much as I've heard of some other babies eating. I bet it's so cute to watch Jack run around!! :) even if he is still falling haha. He'll figure it out soon :)

  2. I believe our sons share a birthday! My son just turned one on November 8th. I just posted all about his first birthday
    Mine was a good eater until he turned one exactly. Now, he's let up and not eating as much. But he LOVES his goat milk. He downs that like nobody's business LOL

  3. aw love him! And that outfit is adorable not dorky at all!

  4. I guess I"m a big dork too because I love that outfit!