Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stress is NOT for Me

Everyone knows someone that they admire for their ability to handle stress. The other day I heard a blogger describe their mother-in-law as a person that they have never seen angry even under the most stressful conditions. I would like to be that person. I'm currently not that person, at all. 

Saturday was just a stressful day. I kept giving myself the talk about not letting the stress get to me. I wanted to be the rock in such a chaotic day. My husband needed me, my baby needed me, and a had SO much to do. The stress kept getting to me and I would be snappy to the people I love. I had to keep downing headache medicine to keep the throbbing at bay.

 I was in public a lot that day and had to remind myself that the people with carts getting in my way weren't purposely trying to make my day worse. I was even "not my best self" to complete strangers. 

There would be moments where I would get a handle on the stress and relax a little bit. Then something else would happen and I would lose it again. I got to the point where I was more angry with myself then the situations that kept coming at me. I hate it when I can't stay calm in stressful situations. 

I kept thinking "why can't I stop myself?". I am a grown woman and I felt like I was acting like a toddler. I snapped at my sweet mama for absolutely nothing. Mamas are good that way because they love you even though you are acting like a total brat. 

Honestly, I feel stressed all the time. When you add more than what a normal day holds I tend to not keep it all together and lose my true self. It feels that life is one week ahead of what I need to get done. I need a timeout to catch up. 

How do you handle stress? Any words of wisdom?


  1. I do not handle stress well at all. I don't really have advice. I'm sorry :(

  2. I'm worried about myself today. Tonight was my first night back to work after 11 nights off. I'm working an 11 hour midnight shift. And we have to take my car to the Lincoln dealer when I get off. I'm praying it runs long enough to get it there because I might bite my husband's head off out of tiredness and frustration. It's so easy to be mean to the ones we love most, isn't it??