Friday, December 13, 2013

Could We Do Baby 2?

It seems that everywhere I look people are having babies. Oh those little babies are precious. Those teeny tiny clothes. Those itsy bitsy diapers. That precious baby smell.

Now that Jack is one and thank the Lord above is sleeping through the night thoughts are creeping in my head. I'm 31 and not getting any younger so it isn't a decision we can just put off for too long but are we ready? Will we ever be ready? Is anyone ever ready? 

There are a million pros to having a baby and only a few cons but those cons are big ones so a pro/con list isn't really going to work. 

Honestly there are only two cons and one of those cons is silly. 

1. The silly con first. Sleeplessness. I hated not getting any sleep. It was miserable. In the grand scheme of things it was a year in my life. At the time it felt like ions. My husband works most nights so I did those nights by myself and then had to go to work. It was hard-like really hard. I hated it.

2. Daycare. It would be really hard to pay for daycare for 2 kids. I'm not sure if we could swing it. We would really have to cut back. We have tons of medical bills and we couldn't wait to have another child when those were paid off.

I tell my husband all the time I wish someone would just give us a girl. Adoption is way too expensive. As a teacher I see kids all the time that I would love to just bring home with me to keep. Is it too much to ask for someone just to give us their baby for free :) 


  1. LOL. Girls are really fun! I say go for it, you will find a way to make it work. ;)

  2. I believe you just know if it's meant to be (or it just happens!?) People make all sorts of things work. My friend Danielle {blogger} left her teaching job and is now a SAHM b/c of AdvoCare. It's all about figuring out what you want, and figuring out how to get it!! I want a little boy hehe!