Thursday, January 2, 2014

To Be a Kid Again

Do you know how awesome it would be to be as happy about walking outside as you are about a trip to Target with cash to blow and a Starbucks in hand? 


Jack couldn't have been happier. 5 acres of land to roam on equals one very happy boy. His PawPaw was raking so he found a pile of leaves and then he got even happier.

We came home with some ant bites, two scratches, and dirt all over. It was still very much worth it just to see him so happy. I pushed him around in his new wagon that his PawPaw got him,we threw the ball around, ran around, we slid, we climbed, and we (well he) chewed on lots of leaves. He is in that phase where everything goes in his mouth. 

This Mama soaked in the beautiful 60 degree day watching her baby enjoy the outside the only way a little boy can. 


  1. Love this ... And the idea of going to Starbucks with a coffee and money!! Haha!

  2. I have actually started setting aside $10 of my "fun" money a month for Starbucks. That, coupled with the $5 gift cards I get from Bing Rewards feeds my addiction quite well :-)

  3. He is so adorable! I love how exciting everything is for little makes you appreciate the little things just seeing it through their eyes!