Friday, April 18, 2014

I Want a Baby Girl

Daughter quote

There will be days where I am 110% sure that our small family is complete with only one child. The delivery, developing necrosis, having surgery again 2 months later, the wound vac, and now dealing with scar tissue pain and a hernia (having surgery in June to fix these) I think it just isn't physically possible. Let's not even talk about the financial aspect of it. I told my mom today that if we moved beside them I'd have one more. My mom said it would most likely be a boy. My luck it would be. 

I want a baby girl whose fingernails I could paint. I want to buy dresses, bows, and tutus. I need to braid hair and go to dance class. I want to be surrounded by pink, dolls, frill, glitter, and fluff. I  must buy little girly shoes, infant pieces of jewelry, and ruffly bloomers.

What's a Mama to do? I feel guilty because there are some couples who can't even have one baby. We are already so blessed. I do worry if my body can handle another round. I would want to try for a VBAC if at all possible. 

Why can't someone just give me a baby girl? 

The Lord will give us what we are meant to have whether that be what we have now or another blessing.


  1. Oh my goodness I could have written this post!

  2. Oh Ashley! I totally understand where you're coming from :( Before I found out C was a girl, my heart ached for a little girl of my own. Just know that boys are magic too, whatever you decide.

  3. Aww I would love a baby girl to play dress up with as well. There is always adoption if you want another one but your body can't handle it! I think you can choose a girl too!