Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Need the World to Take a Pause

This weekend was wonderful getting away from my world. Just leaving the stress behind was great. Now that we are back reality has slapped me in the face. If I sat down and wrote a to do list for everything that I really need to get done it would take up at least a whole page. The problem with trying to get things done is each day brings more things that need to be done. You have responsibilities that HAVE to get done so you can't just ignore those things to do things that you can let go yet again but that really need to be done. 

If I could have my way the world would just pause and sit for me to catch up. The first thing I would do is clean my house from top to bottom. It really needs it. You can't do deep cleaning when you are struggling just to keep the basics done. 

As a teacher, I am working during the times that most businesses are open so it's difficult to get things done. We've used, and continue to use, my sick days so I don't take any days to just get things done. 

I'm sure all of you moms can understand what I mean when I say I just need to catch up and in order to do that I need everything else to stop for a little while so nothing else gets piled on.

Since my wish isn't going to come true, I've decided to just write it all down. I'm going to write every single thing down that needs done and then start tackling that list one thing at a time. Some things will take an hour and some will take days. I'm sure along the line I will be adding more things to it. 

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