Saturday, May 31, 2014

Making Kids Happy

Over this past weekend I captured these two pictures. Look at these faces. This is pure happiness. Just looking at these pictures bring me joy. 

It was a beautiful day outside so I rolled the window down and turned the radio up. Jack was having so much fun. He kept throwing his hands up as the wind whooshed in over him. Then he had so much fun with the music that he started "singing" along. I couldn't help but bring the camera out and snap this picture. 

Once we got to Nana and PawPaw's house we filled up their little pool. Ignore the sad looking water. The bottom of the pool with the grass underneath gave the water this awful looking color. So anyways just look over it and pay attention to the face of that super happy child. You just can't get any happier than that baby is right there. Just fills my heart with joy.  

I got the bright idea to put the slide into the pool and Bennett (my nephew) enjoyed it so much. Last year Bennett was scared of the water and now he begs to go splish splash outside. Jack wouldn't stay in the water. All he wants to do is get out and run around. 

I'm looking forward to many more fun packed days this summer. I hope to make these faces just this joyful with simple summer activities.  

Do you have any ideas that are simple yet fun activities for summer?


  1. Ok, seriously, he is just too cute!

  2. That pool photo is adorable...but I was wondering what was up with the water! :-)