14 in 2014

Updated 4/18/14
1. Lose 30 pounds
I have lost 5 pounds. Today I purchased a 2 weeks supply of Plexus to give it a try.

2. Read 14 books
I've read 2 books so far. 

3. Get family photographs taken
It hasn't happened yet but I do want to wait until I have lost more weight.

4. Make a 2014 family binder/planner and use it all year
-made the planner New Years Day
I'm still using the binder.

5. Redecorate our kitchen wall
Well I have taken everything off the kitchen wall and I have purchased something to go on the kitchen wall but am thinking about painting strips now. I just can't make up my mind.

6. Trade in my car
This is a summer goal but I am still not so sure if this one is going to happen.

7. Participate in the Active Mama Series
I have linked up each month. I'm pretty proud of myself.

8. Make a debt free plan and stick to it
Not even close. It seems the debt just keeps getting bigger. 

9. Organize craft room
I have cleaned on it and organized it somewhat but it isn't near complete. I really want to purchase a new office chair so I can start blogging in there. Right now I am using an old kitchen chair and it is very uncomfortable.  

10. Give to my Secret Pal. There is a lady at work who is just wonderful. She works so hard and is so sweet. I want to give her treats this year without her knowing it is me. I'm so excited about this one.
This is by far my favorite goal of 2014. I have stuck to this one 100% and I LOVE it. She has no idea it is me and she is loving her gifts. The latest thing I got her was a Payless gift card. 

11. Take a class (can be online)
Not happened yet but I still want to do this one.

12. Go on 14 date nights
We have done so well on this one! It has been so much fun also. 

13. I will do 14 things for myself such as getting my hair done, taking time for myself, girls nights, manicures, and, pedicures. 
I have done 4 things so far. Only 10 more to go and I'm looking forward to it!

14. Do 14 special things for my mom (she is so wonderful to us and I want to do things to repay her)
I have done 4 things for my mom so far. She is such a great mom and I'm so glad I added this one to my list. 

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  1. oh this is such a great idea Ashley.....I am going to have to get to mine!