The Family

Hi y'all! I'm Ashley an Arkansas girl and the writer of Mrs. Mama. I started this blog a little over a year ago as I was venturing into life as a new wife and mother. I was 30 when I got married and had our son Jack. I spent my 20's having fun and enjoying life. I use this blog as a way to share my experiences as I learn the wife and mommy ropes. I share the ups and downs of marriage and motherhood (because not everything can be sunshine and rainbows). 

I'm married to a hilarious pain in the butt named Jeremy.

He LOVES having his picture taken
He is an EMT and is working on getting his paramedic licence. He works a LOT. He loves being at home in his basketball shorts drinking a Dr. Pepper while watching tv sitting on the couch. Put in front of him a bologna sandwich and some pinto beans and you have a very happy man.

We have the most precious toddler. 

He is currently 17 months old. He is walking everywhere and getting into everything. He is sleeping better these days but still an early riser. He is very ticklish like his mama. Jack eats so well. He eats absolutely everything! I'm so glad he isn't a picky eater. He is my whole world and he already knows it.

Besides being a mother I am also an elementary librarian. I teach 8 classes a day (we aren't just the keeper of the books anymore). I love my kiddos and enjoy getting to experience life through their innocent eyes. I work with amazing people who share my love for teaching. 

My likes are banana laffy-taffy, General Hospital, All You magazine, quietness before everyone wakes, coffee (isn't that a blogger requirement),  baking, Big Brother, long phone conversations with my bestie, pajamas, garage sales, Dr. Pepper, books, planning, organizing, and football.

Thanks so much for learning more about me and my family. If you are a new follower please let me know. I enjoy getting to know people.



  1. Hi there, I found you today through The More Than Mommies Mixer! What exciting times for you. I look forward to "reading" your journey. Pop over to visit me at when you have time. (Next year? the year after? :) Happy babymoon!

  2. AWE AWESOME! i'm gonna add ur button to my site! love your blog!!

    Bella xx

  3. Hi Ashley! Visiting from the Jellibean Journals meet'n'greet! So fun to "meet" you!

  4. Your little boy is adorable. And I'd love to hear more about being an elementary librarian! My Nanna was one and I've always thought if I did something else, I'd love to be an elementary librarian. Do you love it?

  5. I love these pictures!! Your son is so cute. Being a librarian sounds like SUCH a fun job.