Monday, October 1, 2012

Blogging Challenge: Days 1 and 2

This is my first blogging challenge. I learned about it here at Violet Imperfection and she learned about it from  here at Stop! She's got a Camera! So lets get started....
Day One: Why I blog?
When I found out I was pregnant the first place I turned to was the web. I ran across Morgan at I loved hearing about her pregnancy journey. I went from one blog to the next learning more and more. I would sit down at the computer with a notebook and write down any piece of information I could and what products were the best. Then I got to thinking that maybe I could blog. I loved the idea of writing about being a brand new wife and soon to be mother. I was not very domestic prior to getting pregnant but when I found out about this little person in me I wanted to be a 50's housewife. I got over that and found a balance. Blogging connects me to women who have wonderful ideas. Through blogging I have learned a lot about myself and the type of wife and mother I hope to be.

Day Two: Favorite Vacation Destination
I'm a home body and so is J. Before I met J my friends and I liked to call ourselves Redneck Jet Setters. Why this name? Well we had no jet but we did have a car. We vacationed all over the great state of Arkansas. My favorite vacation destination would have to be Fayetteville, AR.

There is nothing better to me then hitting the Farmer's Market early on a Saturday morning, stopping by a few shops as we sip on a mocha, and then heading to Rick's Bakery to wait in line for the BEST pastries ever. Around mid-day we all gather at JJ's for margaritas and wings. Once the football game is about to start we roll over to On the Mark to watch the game with strangers who come together as friends. If the night is still young we finish the night up on Dickson street bouncing from place to place before it is time to call it a night. It isn't the beach or anywhere exotic but it is still my favorite place.

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