Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What are your phobias?

Day 3 of the challenge: What are your phobias? I'll make a list (lists make me happy)
1. Mice-my number one. When I see one my body has this reaction that some people consider dramatic but that I can not help. If I am spending the night at your house and I see a mouse I have to leave. My fear is big!
2. Being deceived. Getting married was not an easy task for me. I have this fear of being deceived by someone that I have become vulnerable to. It wasn't easy for me in the beginning and it isn't easy for me today. I love to mantra my way through certain days. It's hard having your heart so exposed.
3. Since J works 9 out of 14 days as an EMT he is not home during that time which leaves me and the fur babies to ourselves. Soon we will have a baby there as well. My phobia is that someone is hiding in my house and will come out and get me Law & Order style either by sneaking up on me in bed or the shower.
Well those are my top 3 phobias-mice, being deceived by my husband, and someone sneaking up on me to attack me.


  1. Mice are awful...I've had to deal with them a couple times and it wasn't pretty.

    1. Mice really drive me crazy. My husband does not understand my phobia but it is very real to me. I seriously can't breath when I see one.