Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day Four: Proudest Moment to Date

My proudest moment was when I bought my house. I was single, 28, and had no idea what my future would hold. I did the whole thing myself and it felt wonderful. I felt like a real live walking grown person. I loved that first night in my house. I kept taking it all in. I'd walk from room to room planning out all the life that would happen in those walls. As a single girl my friends and I would sit on the back patio talking to this huge pine tree that we called the Universe Tree. Yes, wine was involved. Fast I am 30, married, and waiting for a sweet baby boy. I think back to that first night in that house and all the plans I'd made. It's amazing how things have changed so much. I'm looking forward to all the new memories with my family in that house that was purchased my the single 28 year old. 


  1. How awesome. My husband bought the house we are in when he was single, I was always too afraid to be tied down to one place.

    1. It is really nice seeing the changes occur all within one place. I love all the memories!

  2. that is definitely something to be proud of! congratulations on your expanding family! you're going to love having a baby boy. (disclaimer: i may be a little biased. ha ha!) :)