Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pets: Day 5 Challenge

I have two very odd fur babies! Here is my Lexi Boo Boo who I love so much that I'm nervous that this new baby is going to make her feel jealous. She sleeps in our bed and is all around spoiled.

Oh and then there is Charlie. Oh my poor Charlie. This is going to sound really ugly but this dog is mental. He has many problems. He can't or won't walk on anything but carpet. He is scared of every noise. He is a boy dog but does not hike his leg. He chews on himself all the time. We have been to numerous vets and no one has been able to help us. This picture is of him in the bath. He just falls. We love him though. He is very low maintenance compared to our Lexi.  


  1. Awh! I have one like Lexi. Her name is Lola and she is a diva:) Charlie sounds sweet and a little crazy!! :)