Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 6: 10 Favorite Songs Right Now

People be prepared to be surprised because I don't think I even know one song that is out right now. I love music but for some reason the radio has been getting on my pregnant nerves so now I like to listen to silence so I can think. Sometimes I will put Pandora on but even then it is music from the 90's. So for this assignment I am going to jot down some of my favorites.
1. Percy Sledge "Take Time to Know Her"
2. Alabama "Love in the First Degree"
3. Conway Twitty "I'd Just Love to Lay You Down"
4. Diamond Rio "How Your Love Makes Me Feel"
5. Elton John "Bennie and the Jets"
6. Anything George Strait
7. Anything by the Judds
8. Anything by Keith Whitley
9. Pam Tillis "Shake the Sugar Tree"
10. Anything Al Green
I have a LOT more that I could add but honestly it is pass my bedtime and I'm happy with a rounded number like 10. Good night y'all!

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