Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This Is Me Challenge: Favorite Color

I love color and therefore my favorite color changes every single day. I love every color for various reasons. I love the simplicity of white, black, brown, and gray. I love the vibrancy of yellow, orange, various shades of blue, and the pop of a good red. If I just HAD to pick a favorite I think I would go with white....is white considered a color??? Well it is in my book. I love how clean white looks. I love that most of my linens are white because they can be bleached easily. My best ever purchase was a really nice white quilt that goes with everything. I can change accent pillows and boom it looks completely new. White goes with everything and I like things that play well with others.


  1. White is nice and clean, isn't it? We don't have much white in this house because it would be instantly dirty!

    1. I'll get to experience lots of dirt once this baby boy starts getting into everything. My dogs are already bad enough.