Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Suck at Pictures and Pregnancy Update

Let me be just perfectly honest here I suck as a blogger. It's a lot of work and no one told me this information. I am also the worst about not taking pictures and well taking pictures is pretty important to the blogging process. Here is what I do take pictures of....

These are the only three pictures I've taken. The first one was a gift given to me by the art teacher at our school. Super cute....LOVE it! The second picture is an outfit I saw at Carter's that I thought about buying because they had a 0-3 month and an 18 month. I want my nephew and my baby to match up like baby dorks. The last picture is of my parent's dog who is relaxing in my nephew's new Thomas the Train blowup toy. I love to take pictures of dogs doing funny things.

I have to get better at taking pictures. I promise I do lots of other things but I always manage to forget to take pictures. This weekend we are doing the pumpkin patch so I MUST take pictures.

Here is a little update.....Had my 36 week appointment and my doctor told me that my pelvis is way too small for this big old baby so it looks like I will be having a c-section. He hasn't told me the exact date yet (will find out on Tuesday) but I know it will be sooner than my original due date (Nov. 15) so I have this panic feeling of "GOTTA DO IT ALL NOW".

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