Friday, October 12, 2012

This is Me Challenge: Days 10 and 11

I'm seriously behind on this challenge but hey I am 8 months pregnant and can barely wipe myself so behind on some blogging isn't too terrible.
Day 10: A typical day for me looks a little like this.....
Wake up 6:15 am
Get ready and out the door by 7:00 am
Work by 7:30
Leave work at 3:45
Home by 4:15
Once I get home I pick the house back up and clean (takes about an hour)
If husband is home then we usually eat supper in bed while watching Cops or Jail. If husband is at work then I usually hop in bed and watch Dr. Phil or General Hospital
Life is about to drastically change this I do know. I hear how much a baby is going to change things so for now I am going to enjoy eating supper in bed and relaxing to some junk tv.
My nights are usually spent getting things ready for the next day, laundry, talking on the phone, entertaining guests, or usually here lately-going to bed early.
It's a simple life that is ready for sweet baby Jack Henry to completely disrupt.

Day 11: Favorite Foods
Now this is an easy blog post.

Copeland's White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
Texas Roadhouse Salad and Rolls (They have the BEST Italian dressing)

My favorite meal is a baked potato, salad, and rolls from Texas Roadhouse. After that for lunch do a little shopping and then finish the afternoon up with some cheesecake and coffee from Copeland's. Yummy, yummy, yummy I got love it my tummy!


  1. I laughed out loud at your I can barely wipe myself comment. Isn't that so true? And how do they expect pregnant women to lee in a cup at the doctors, that was beyond me.

    Babies cause change but it is a good change, I think people love to scare new parents.

    And HOW did I forget to add cheesecake to my favorite food list? I am ashamed of myself.

  2. Exactly on peeing in a cup. I had to tell the nurse "sorry about the lack of urine but you gave me a two person job"....thankfully she laughed too but I was so serious.