Saturday, October 27, 2012

This is Me Challenge: Days 24-26

First off I need to say that I am loopy right now due to the pain pill that I took an hour ago. My doctor felt sorry for the unbearable hip pain I've been in and decided that something stronger than Tylenol was needed (yes, this medicine is okay for the baby). So anywhooo, I am loopy and need to blog so here I go.

Day 24: Least favorite chore....I'm a freak. I love to clean. Well let me rephrase-I love a clean house so much that cleaning is tolerable for me. It makes me feel so accomplished but I still have chores I hate. I'm not a fan of vacuuming. It feels like it is never enough so I don't get that accomplishment feel. My fur babies contribute to this problem more than anyone.

Day 25: Do overs.... I would have shopped around for a house longer before I bought. Don't get me wrong, I love my house but there are some things that I wanted in a home but didn't stick to them because I just wanted a house so badly.

Day 26: Childhood toys....I had dolls and all of the accessories but my favorite childhood toys were things that I could use to pretend I was grown. I took books and wrote grades on every paper like I was grading papers. I begged my mom for red high heels so I could play college (I had no idea that if I wanted to play college I should have been wearing pajamas). I grabbed up cardboard boxes and made washers and dryers because that is what a Mama used. I grabbed up every kid I could to make them be my students. I went to school on the last day so the teacher would give me all the things she was going to throw away. When I got in trouble I would beg my parents to play court for my crime and punishment. I wanted to be grown and anyone who knows me isn't the least surprised by my odd behavior as a child. I love being grown. I don't like the stress all the time but I love being in charge of my choices. 

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  1. My neighbor and I use to play city where we ran stores and drove around the neighborhood. I use to dislike vacumming, but then I won the awesome vacuum I have, and now I love it, well maybe not love, but...