Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week in Review

Monday: All I could think about was my 37 week appointment which was scheduled for the next day. I kept thinking of scenarios where he would check me and say it was time. I ended up staying at my parents house that night since my husband had to work and my parents guest bed is horrible. They bought it new and let's just say it is not broken in. I'll be spending many nights here (I'm here in it now) with my husband's work and class schedule.

Tuesday:37 week appointment day!He didn't even check me because he had written down c-section so the nurse didn't prep me to be checked. Basically all was good and I have to go back next week. He did say that I might be able to have this baby without a c-section and he might can tell me more Tuesday.

Wednesday: I decided to start my maternity leave November 1. I talked to friend at work who suggested taking off a few days earlier. She said I would need this time and the more I thought about it she was right. My friend Betsy came to stay with me since hubby was working. She brought over yummy Chinese food and we gabbed for awhile. It was great.

Thursday: I was exhausted. I was able to make it through work and as soon as I got home I got in the bed. I watched tv and then went to bed early. Some days I just feel extra exhausted.

Friday: Got in a nesting mood after work so I cleaned for hours and then separated baby clothes by size.

Saturday: Got up crazy early (4:30), got ready for the day, and then went to a garage sale. Look what I found for only $5!!!
I love this storage unit! Too bad there is NO room in the nursery but it was too much of a great deal to pass up so I'm either going to store it or change out the storage boxes and use in the den. After scoring such an amazing deal I decided to cook a big breakfast at my parents house (husband is still at work) to eat on before the Razorbacks played at 11:00. Well the game sucked but I won't go there because the anger might cause my blood pressure to rise. At the end of the game some family stopped by and dropped off a baby gift. Look at this precious outfit with socks. I just love mudpie!
Well that was pretty much my week. Husband gets to come home for 1 day (tomorrow) so I plan on cooking him his favorite meal and then the two of us relaxing and watching Monday night tv. I get to go back to the doctor on Tuesday and then Wednesday is my last day at work until January and also Halloween. Overall I have a great week ahead!

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