Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Our family Christmas tree is decorated in an array of ornaments that I have collected over the year. One way that I collected so many ornaments is that my sister Samantha and I have exchanged ornaments on Thanksgiving for many years. Once I moved out of my parents I was allowed to take my ornaments and had enough to decorate a tree. We still love this tradition. Of course, I have bought some, gathered some as gifts, and some came from ornament parties. Here are some of my favs!
The ornament my sister got me this year.

I love this JINGLE. It is hard to see but it has LOTS of glitter!

My sister got me this one when I was in high school. I still love Gone With the Wind. 

This Joy ornament is super cute and has lots of blue glitter. 

No idea where it came from. He hangs from the top. He is a staple at Christmas. 

Baby's First ornament (one side). A gift from my great friend Heather.

Other side of Jack's first ornament.

One of the very first ornaments my sister got me. Disco Santa...super fun!

My husband and I got this ornament last year to celebrate our first Christmas together.

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