Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Randomness of Me

I love learning more about you bloggers. Some of my favorite posts are reading your random posts where you tell us fun quirky facts about yourself. The things that make you unique is interesting so I decided to give you, my readers, some facts about me. 
So here goes it.

1. I hate sour cream, milk, ranch dressing, mayo...basically all things white except for icing and ice cream. Not loving ranch is a highly crazy thing in my family but oh well I'm weird.

2. I have a mice phobia. Like a serious mice phobia. The first time I stayed at my sister-in-laws house we were all heading to bed when I saw a mouse. I freaked out. I shake, cry, and basically freak out. We ended up having to stay at a hotel that night. I'm sure his family thinks I am a brat but I really can't help it. 

3. I love the smell of books. Although I enjoy my Kindle there is just something about a book that I just love. Maybe it is the librarian in me. 

4. For many years I could only go to sleep watching Friends. I've grown some and now can go to sleep to Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens. Thankfully my husband is the same way so no problems there. 

5. I love school supplies! When I was younger I would rearrange my school supply box every single day from the day my mom got everything until the day school started. To this day I still love school supplies but now I call them office supplies.

6. I heart presents. There is just something about unwrapping a special gift. It could be a pen-I don't care. I just want to unwrap it. My loved ones say I'm the easiest person to buy for because I just love everything and I really do!

7. The first time I took my drivers test I hit a car. I barely hit it but I hit it. Beyond embarrassing. Let me tell ya. I cringe to this day thinking about it. Of course I didn't pass. Today I'm the go-to driver in the family but that day I will never forget.

8. I really wanted to give Jack the name Jake but it is my brother-in-laws brother's name so I couldn't choose it. Just too close to pick. Today my brother-in-law's best friend had a son who he named Jake and I'm a little jealous. 

9. Once while I was pregnant and I couldn't sleep because of my husband's snoring, I poked him with my fingernail on his face. It made me feel better. I actually giggled a little and then went to the couch. The next day he woke up complaining about his face having a sore spot. I fessed up later that day. I know it was a little mean but it made this pregnant woman a little happy.

10. I met my husband in a bar and the night Jack was conceived I had been to that same bar. Thank you Christy for asking me to have a drink with you to celebrate you having a babysitter. Sorry for the TMI-just keeping it real :)


  1. I watch Friends nearly every night! Probably because it seems to be the only thing I on that I like, but still it makes me laugh no matter how many times I have seen the episode!

    1. I understand. I have seen every episode numerous times and I still laugh at certain jokes. When Phoebe screams "my eyes, my eyes", I still crack up.

  2. My husband snores so bad and I can't stand it. Sometimes I poke and push on him until it stops. LOL.

    I can't believe you don't like ranch and sour cream....whoa.

    1. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for not loving ranch and sour cream. I'm disgusted by these products. My bestie doesn't understand how I eat pizza without it.