Friday, February 1, 2013

Now That Is Love

My husband and I have this little cute thing that we do that makes my heart smile.
Say I come home from the grocery store with a Reese cup (my husbands all time fav yummy) 
my husband will say "now that is love". 
Now that example is pretty straight forward. 

Every day we rarely see the small things our loves do for us.
They become expected.
When you start looking for these things and acknowledge them they become more frequent.
For us they have become a game.

Here is another prepared for TMI.
If my husband is on the pot and he screams "Babe!" I know that there is no toilet paper and I'm about to have to enter a not so safe environment. 
I enter the room. Toilet paper in hand.
Husband says: "now that is love".

My husband shaved my legs during my pregnancy and even painted my toes.
I looked down at him and said "now that is love".

Here are a few quick examples:
-my husband turning on Law and Order when he wants to watch Family Guy (now that is love)
-me bringing home a redbox movie for my husband (now that is love)
-my husband holding my hair back while I puke (now that is love)
-me laughing at my husbands jokes (now that is love)
-my husband telling me my cooking is good (now that is love)

We love making the other one laugh by having a reason to say "now that is love".

What is something that your man does that makes you say "now that is love"?


  1. I adore this post! I want to take this home and use it! My husb'd often lets me relax after dinner with one of my shows and he will do the dishes. Now that is love! He will sometimes let me talk about the Bachelor with him, and pretend to be listening. Now that is love! :)

    1. I love the example of him letting you talk about the that is love

  2. Awww, those are all so sweet. My husband and I try to do sweet little things like that that don't cost a lot of money or time. I think it is important!

    1. It is really important. Doing those things are essential and also letting the other person know "hey I see what you are doing and I appreciate it".

  3. Hello. Glad you entered the giveaway. How are you and your little one? Have you crafted anything with the items you won?

  4. I am doing much better. Thank you for asking :)
    Jack is doing wonderful. He is actually laying beside me on the couch as I am checking out blogs. I actually started Jack's scrapbook this week. I also used some of the paper to make a card for my husband.

  5. I agree. That is true love. By the way mu husband had to paint my nails when I was pregnant. He did quite well considering that he have never done it before.

  6. Love this post! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following back :)