Sunday, February 24, 2013

He Said, She Didn't

My husband is the best at saying how much he loves and appreciates me.
Us girls do love to hear those things.
I am the worst at saying how much I love and appreciate him.

During an argument I learned this about ourselves.

I'm more of a I will show you how much I love and appreciate you by my actions person.

What I never got until that argument is that he actually needs to hear it because my actions aren't taken as love and appreciation. 
When I say "hey why don't you go chill and watch tv" that is me saying "I know how hard you work and I appreciate it". 
He doesn't read into anything I say. 
I get that as of last night.

Okay so now let's talk about the other hand.
Although he is the best ever at saying he loves and appreciates me he isn't the greatest at showing it but he thinks he has showed it by saying it. 

All of this started because I wanted to take a nap. 
(Jack has been waking up in the night again and wanting to party.)
I got frustrated because I kept hinting at needing a nap but he would never say "hon, why don't you go rest because you need some sleep". 
My mind was reeling. 
Finally my mind had enough and my mouth needed to unload.
I told him how unappreciated I was feeling.
His response was "I tell you all the time how much I appreciate you."
And he does-but saying ain't doing. 

I forget that men don't read our minds which is confusing because my world is surrounded by women and we are the greatest at reading each others minds. 
Then I am around my husband and it is hard to remember "hey, I have to say exactly what I want". 


  1. Have you heard of the Five Love Languages?

    You can take a quiz there. Each of you take it (takes about 5-7 minutes) and it will give you each your dominant love languages as well as your score in other. Pretty much, shows you how your spouse recieve love and how you can show them you love them using their primary love language.

    You should give it a try!

    1. I'm so going to try this tonight. I hope my husband will participate. I can't wait to find out.

    2. I hope it helps out for both of you!! :)