Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why I am Putting Jack in Daycare

These are the numbers:

These are the miles we are dealing with at this time and something has to change.
We live in town A.
My mom lives in town B.
I work in town C.
Husband works in town D.
Husband goes to school in town B.

This is my second week back to work and my mom has been watching Jack which is great.
She loves him like I do. 
I know he is in great hands.
But things aren't working for us.

It is 28 miles to my parent's house.
37 more miles to my work.
29 miles to husband's work from my parents house.
If I drop him off I am driving 65 miles.
If husband drops him off he is driving 57 miles.

There is just not enough time in the mornings to get Jack to my parents and get to work by 7:30.

What we have been doing is after we get off work we go to my parent's house until bed time and then my husband and I go home.
We have to leave Jack there in order for us to get to work in the mornings.
Not only do we leave him there because it is too hard time wise but also because it is cold and I don't want to have to get him out into the cold.
The road between our town and my parents' is over populated with deer that love darting out into the road.
My dad has hit 4 deer on that road!
Joys of living in southern Arkansas. 

We leave him there 2 nights a week and the other 3 nights we stay at my parent's house as well.

Confusing enough?

We can't live like this much longer so 2 days ago I looked at a daycare in the town that I work in.
I've done the research-high marks.
Do I like the idea of him in daycare?
Heck no!
Something has to change though. 

I feel guilty when I'm not with him and when I am there 
all I can think about is what needs done at home.

The owner of the daycare says a spot will most likely open in 2 weeks so we have at least 2 more weeks of living in a crazy chaos. 

Will I survive these next 2 weeks? 


  1. Don't worry yourself about daycare. My oldest son was in daycare until he was almost five, when I started working from home. Every person at that daycare loved him and treated him like he was their own. It might not be what you dreamed of, but daycare can be a really great experience for your baby!

  2. Oh goodness, what a crazy situation! Do not feel bad about daycare. You have to do what works for YOUR family.

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