Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mom Lessons Learned

Saturday Jack and I had our first big outing and I failed big time.
Lots of lessons learned.

We drove 2 hours to attend a baby shower.
Once we arrived I went to get his bottle ready. I had already put the water in the bottles.
Well the bottles leaked out all over everything in the bag. 
Water was everywhere.
Grabbed a plastic sack to protect the diapers.
I had brought one extra outfit that was now soaked.

After the shower I met my mom at Texas Roadhouse.
While inside he had a blowout. 
I knew it was bad.
The smell was horrid.
I felt so bad that I decided to take him to the car to change.

I put him in the backseat and he went ballistic.
He cried real tears. His tear ducts had been blocked and then at that moment he cried real tears.
I couldn't help but pick him up.
Got poop on me.

Laid him back down to examine the situation more and his clothes were ruined.
The other outfit I brought was soaked.
I used all the wipes I had to clean him up as much as possible.
Took off his pants.
Snapped up his onesie.
Wrapped him in his poop stained blanket and headed back inside to tell my mom we gotta go.

Thankfully we were close to a store so I ran inside and bought a new outfit. 
We head over to Michaels to change him and clean him up some more. 

We get him on the changing table.
They have no paper towels and I'm outta wipes.
What's a mom to do?
I took off his bib. Wet it and cleaned him.

That bib went straight into the trash.

He was not a happy baby.

He had never had a blowout before so this mom was not prepared.
Oh the lessons I learned that day.
This mom will be very much prepared next time we decide to go out again.


  1. I think you handled it very well! Yay Mama! I think we all have an outing like that where nothing goes right. It is kinda like hazing. LOL

    1. The hazing idea is funny. Now that I think about it, it is exactly what happened. I can proudly wear my mamma hat now.