Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Just Told a Lie

This is straight talk people. 
I need to be honest (at least somewhere) so you
 my blogging friends is where it's at.
Before I tell you my lie, let me back up and tell you how I got to a place where I lie to family. 

I'm off this week due to a slight issue with my wound that I'm still healing from.
This week off work was meant to be spent sitting as the doctor instructed. 
Well life had other plans.

Jack will not stop crying.
He has always been a fussy baby but the crying ALL THE TIME is new. 
funny motherhood quotes

I have had 8 total hours of sleep in 72 hours.
My food intake has consisted of kits kats, some chips, many Dr. Peppers (which I gave up 3 years ago and just now fell off the wagon), a hot dog, and lots of twizzlers. 
All of these items are easy to eat with one hand.

My husband swears I'll get a break when he gets home but listening to him say "your mom has you spoiled rotten" (even if he makes it into a song) does not help me.
After 5 minutes Daddy is looking for Mommy because he needs a break.
Just lovely my friends.

But let me continue.
Yesterday my mom (the only person who actually does give me a real break) fell and broke her knee and her leg. 
When my dad calls me I just assumed he was making it up.
He is kinda notorious for making stuff up for a good laugh but this was no joke.

My mom is the backbone of our family. 
She does everything. 
She takes care of my son and my nephew.
She cleans my grandmother's house.
She also works after we get off work.
She cleans.
She cooks.
She pays the bills.
She is super woman.
Now she is down.

I find it cute all the people calling my dad and asking him what he is going to do because everyone knows my mom does it all. He doesn't know where anything is. He can't cook. I'm not certain he knows how to work the washing machine. 

Okay so to my lie.
Under my parent's roof is my mom, dad, my sister, my brother in law, my nephew, and a dog.
With my mom in the hospital I came to help out around the house.
After days of hearing Jack cry and worrying about my mom I needed a break.
I told my family I needed something from Walmart.
I even went as far as to sneak a Walmart sack into my purse so I could make it look like I went to Walmart. 

I did go to Walmart. 
I sat in the parking lot and listened to silence. 

Why couldn't I just say I needed a break?
As a wife and mother I don't want to appear weak.
There is so much pressure to be and do it all.

Good night my blogging friends.
Glad to get this off my chest. 


  1. Oh goodness, your poor mom.

    Every mom has moments like these, being a mom is hardwork. A few months ago Marc came home and I had to get out of the house. I checked the mail at the end of the road, drove to Burger King and drank a chocolate shake while I opened the mail. No radio, just silence. I needed it and you needed your "Walmart" trip. No guilt!

    1. It's funny how before Jack driving was a pain in my rear but now it's my favorite thing because there is silence. I don't even have a clue what music is out there right now.

  2. My mother is the same as yours! She truly is the backbone to my family as well. My father cannot cook, clean, do laundry, etc!! Idk what he'd do without my mom.. probably come move in with me!! AH!

    1. You realize how valuable you mom is when she goes down. I hope this helps my dad appreciate how much she really does. My sister, her husband, and my nephew are living there right now while their house is being built and they have already seen just how much she did. Everyone in that house is going to lose weight without mom's wonderful southern cooking.