Monday, February 11, 2013

Twenty Wishes

It is February and it is time to link up on how I am doing on my Twenty Wishes for 2013. I think I've done okay, not great, but okay. So here goes...
1. Crochet a blanket-I haven't started but I did get a crocheting kit from my Cara Box partner so there is no excuse now.
2. Make a scrapbook of Jack's first year-I've started but barely.
3. Romantic weekend with my husband-not yet but hopefully soon.
4. Do a spa day with mom and sister-plans for that are in May
5. Weigh under 160-haha
6. Attend a wine tasting-who has time for wine???
7. Host a party for friends-gonna wait until I am better and it is a little warmer
8. Charitable marathon-waiting for warmer days
9. Visit 3 places I've never been-I haven't been anywhere
10. Take family portraits-have looked up photographers so that is something
11. Cook something new once a month-I have been great at this one. My German Chocolate Icing was wonderful.
12. Get my eyebrows done-I didn't get them done professional but I did do them myself but I still want to get them done professionally.
13. Do 10 acts of random kindness-I need to start remembering exactly when I do this things so I'll remember. 
14. Get a new hairdo-almost got this done last week but now having to wait. Money is tight around here.
15.  Pick a charity-Arkansas Children's Hospital
16. Put together a family cookbook-I've started
17. Family vacation-this is a summer one
18. Matching underwear-not ready for this one yet
19. Do a blog giveaway-did this!
20. 10 personalized gifts for family or friends-need to remember to document when I do these

I purchased a super cute planner so my plan is to copy these down into it so I can have it as a reminder each day. It's only February but I don't want the year to get ahead of me and not accomplish my 20 Wishes.


  1. I think it should be who DOESN'T have time for wine!?! ;) Looks like you're working on almost everything on your list though! Good for you girl! Excited to see your progress for this next month!