Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Mother's Choice

Jack is in a fussy phase. If he is awake he is usually fussing. Not always crying but constantly showing some type of unhappiness. I've taken him to the doctor and he switched his milk but he is still (if not more) fussy. We are going back on Tuesday. I'm telling his doctor he has to fix him or take him home with him. Those are the only 2 options available at this time. After hours upon hours of listening to this (I know you can hear it just from this picture)

I need a break. Eventually I will get this

What's a mom to do? 
You begin having an internal struggle.
Do you head straight to bed to finally get some much needed sleep?
Do you give that neglected husband some attention?
Do you spend some time to yourself?

You have to take a quick inventory (don't waste more than a minute thinking about it) and go for it.

My decision tonight at 2 am (yes, the time I was finally able to get Jack to sleep) was some chocolate ice cream while I watched Dr. Phil, a few minutes of blogging, and then try to sleep without giving too much thought to the fact that in 3 hours (if I'm lucky) I will have to get up and do it all over again. 
Oh to be a Mommy!
Now the thought of pinching my snoring husband sounds like a fab idea. 


  1. Hi Ashley. Fussy babies are not fun. I had one of those 10 years ago. The good thing - I heard fussy babies are calmer kids. Sometimes you just have to let them cry or I would put my daughter in the snuggli so I could get things done. The good thing is it usually gets better after a couple of months. Colicky babies are no fun. Hope things get better soon.

    1. According to my mom I was a fussy baby but was the best kid so that is what I'm hoping happens with Jack. Colicky babies really are no fun. It's hard feeling like you can't do anything to help your baby.

  2. Thanks so much for linking up with #SSShop! I'm a new follower for you ;)

  3. I second the snuggli if that works for Jack. I had to do that for a bit if I wanted to get anything done. And everyone tells you to sleep when the baby sleeps BUT sometimes you need chocolate ice cream and dr. Phil. :)