Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Got a Wild Hair Up My Butt

You know how sometimes an idea pops in your head and you start doing before you think-well that is what I did. We have a den that use to a garage (before we moved in). The room is useless to us and I had enough. It is the biggest room in the house and it's only purpose is holding furniture and junk mail. It is the room you walk in from the outside and it looks awful. When I first looked at the house to possibly buy the owner had it as his man cave. After I moved in (I was single at the time) it became a wasted space. The tv and the couch was in the living room. I put my treadmill in there, a bench, and a chair. Basically it became a catch-all. After my man moved in we made one wall a chalkboard wall and put up a dartboard and then added a folding table. Now that we have Jack and we no longer played darts the room needed a purpose. I decided we would make this room into a playroom for Jack/office. Saturday morning (while everyone was still asleep) I moved out the furniture and started pulling up the carpet. Thankfully when my husband woke up and after saying "what the hell are you doing" he started helping. Here are some pics.
After painting 
Did you know you can get mistinted paint at Sherwin Williams for $5 (you just gotta ask to see it in the back)

Another after painting pic

My husband pulling up the strips

Pulling up the carpet

It started with me doing this

We were able to take the carpet up and remove the strips around the wall and we also were able to finish painting the room. Our next step is putting down new molding and finding vinyl to put down. Eventually this will make a great playroom/office!


  1. Yay! That will make a fantastic playroom for sure. :)

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  2. I love when a project starts like that! It will be beautiful!

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  5. That's awesome ... and what a great tip about the Sherwin Williams paint!!

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