Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Totally Suck at Blogging

It seems the blogging gods are against me. As much as I try to get on a blogging schedule something or someone gets in my way. Right now that person is my husband who just said "I'm a lucky woman" as he caressed his man nipples. My husband has no sense. He is watching Gangsta Squad as I finally write a post.
Here are my blogging woes:

- my son knows when I turn on the computer and will immediately cry. Why is he not crying now? He is staying the night at his Nana and Papaw's house. It is killing me not having him with me but I am trying to push through it (by taking a Tylenol PM).

-my primary picture taker (my iphone5) died. Yep, it straight up died. It has been one week and one day. I am heartbroken. I'm not sure what happened but the only way I can get it fixed is to go to an Apple store which is 2 hours away so I haven't had a chance to make it there yet. All of my pictures are on there. Lord, if I can just get my phone back I will promise to backup from now on.

On another note I'm trying to get healthier. I haven't done very good today but I did wonderful over the weekend. My goals right now are to only drink 1 Dr. Pepper a day, move more, and replace one meal a day with a Slim Fast. Jack and I have been doing the park thing. Luckily we have a park in our neighborhood. He loves swinging and I need to move more. Hello Summer!

Since I have no personal pictures I will share a picture from the film my husband and I just watched.

Yep we watched Hangover III. There was better stuff we could have went to see but we had seen parts one and two in theater so we wanted to keep the tradition alive. We wanted to watch Mud which was filmed in our parts but we will just have to wait until DVD.

If you don't see a post from me tomorrow just remember I still suck at blogging.


  1. The kids always know when something's up and they just will not allow it! All of my blogging is done after Travis's bedtime, so no interruptions! :)

  2. You don't suck! We all go through periods of blogging ups and downs. I'm trying to get healthy too. It sucks. lol

  3. Hi from another sucky blogger! Glad to know I'm not the only one whose blogging is constantly interrupted by life. New follower, and looking forward to getting to know you! :)

  4. You're a great blogger! I update every couple months it seems lol!