Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When You Get What You Want

When I was a single girl I couldn't wait to have a family and be part of the mommy club. Today I type this with a baby in my arm while my husband watches a movie. I started thinking about this idea as I watched Bridgett Jones's Diary. When you are single you get to dream about your husband, your home, and your teeny tiny baby. Everything can be as perfect as you want it to be. Once it is here you have to keep a good marriage, keep your kids alive, make the house look decent, manage some type of relationship with your friends, and try to make pajamas look like an outfit as you rush off to Walmart to make that must-have recipe off Pinterest.  I now have everything I have ever wanted, so now what? I never had a plan for what to do once I got that husband and baby. Of course, I have plans to do this or that but I no longer have that thrill of what could be because I know what is.  I have dreams for my husband. I have dreams for my son. I don't have dreams for myself anymore. I'm not even sure what to dream about. I spent many years dreaming for a husband and some years dreaming for a baby. Those were my greatest wishes. I'm out of dream practice. I've been to school. I have my career. I have the husband and the baby. Now what? 
Learning Jack was a boy by cutting the groom's cake. 


  1. Wow... there is a lot to think about... I still have the husband and baby dream, but I still dont know about my professional life... Still thinking what to do... I have my Bachelor's Degree but I want to do something else... Still thinking...


  2. That's such a good point. I guess now you dream of better jobs, more kids, a bigger house? Haha, I'm still in school, so I'm still working on the job dream! Haven't used them all up, yet. :)