Monday, June 3, 2013

Funny Moments From the First Year

In 6 days J and I will be married for a whole year. Crazy! I feel like we have been married 10 years. This year has been absolutely insane. There have been more difficult days than easy days. Marriage is hard even without a baby. 

We had been engaged 5 months when we found out we were expecting. The wedding had been already been planned and paid for so we didn't want to change anything. It was nice that things were going to go as planned except for all the fun I had planned for us. We were a fun time whoop it up kinda couple and being pregnant hinders taking shots and singing at a piano bar. No bachelorette party like I had planned so no bachelor party for him. We even canceled the honeymoon because I didn't want to go anywhere. We were officially entering the grown-up world and we wanted to save our money. The plan was to do the honeymoon for our 1 year anniversary. Oh how that isn't happening. I am not leaving my baby for more than 24 hours! Never would have thought I would be saying that. 

We don't necessarily have funny moments but just fun times. We fight hard and play hard. We are so goofy together. We annoy each other on purpose. We are constantly pantsing each other, popping each other on the butt, trying to make the other gag, grossing each other out, and throwing insults for fun. We argue a lot also but I'll save that. I have many memories of those. I like to store those things up in case I need to throw them back. Okay so I don't fight fair. 

Our life has been invaded by our time snatcher named Jack who challenges us daily to be the best for each other. We have only had 3 date nights since Jack was born but we try (and I mean really use effort) to have fun when we are together. J is gone a lot with work and school so the time we are together is often spent either fighting about whose turn it is to do whatever and then we have to get over it quickly so we can enjoy our time together. 

I'm excited about going into year 2. I think it means something substantial that we made it through year 1 without killing each other or pissing off the other too much. We grew as people and parents. 
Happy almost 1 year anniversary! I'm looking forward to our 4th date night!

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