Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Have You Read Any of These?

Every so often I like to go to Target and look at the book selections. There is something about Target that I really like. For some reason I can always find good books easily there. I'm also kinda cheap. So what I do is take pictures of the books I want to read and then go a lookin'. First, I'll check our library (but since we live in a small town they rarely have what I want). Second, I look on Amazon for a good deal. Third, wait it out until I break down and pay whatever. 

I've gotten back into reading since Jack is more capable of entertaining himself. I don't get long periods of reading time but I'm able to get a little time here and there which adds up. My favorite way to read is an actual book but the easiest way is using the kindle app on my phone. I'm able to read randomly (grocery line, doctor's office, waiting in the car, get the point). 

So these are the books that I snapped today. 

My mom pointed this book out to me. It looks like a fun and simple read which is nice at times. 

I read Gone Girl and really enjoyed it. I typically like books by the same author. 

I haven't watched the show yet but I really want to. I'm thinking about watching it and then/while reading this book. I love all books dealing with the female relationship. 

I read another one of her books and it was really good. Need to get my hands on this one soon.

I like some of her books and this one sounded like another fun and easy read. I need books where I don't have to focus too much. 

She is so funny so I just know the book will be funny also. I can't help but love a book that keeps me laughing. I recently finished Chelsea Handler's newest book and my ribs were sore from laughing. 

Has anyone read any of these books? Does anyone have some suggestions on what I need to read next?


  1. Target isn't where I normally think of to look for books, but maybe I should! I'd love to get back to reading for me instead of reading things that are work related.

  2. I love anything by Lisa Scottoline and Jennifer Weiner. Beth Harbison is good too.

  3. I watched the first episode of Downton Abbey and didn't really get the appeal. Maybe I'll have to watch a couple more. Right now I've been reading Inferno by Dan Brown and LOVE it. Although it's kinda scary/suspenseful, which is so not my thing. But it's so good. I haven't read any of his other books, but definitely will after this. One book I really want to read is Ellen Degeneres's book. It sounds really funny. Mindy Kaling's book also sounds funny, but I haven't heard of any of those other ones!

  4. i haven't read any of these, but i heard mindy's book is really funny! that's on my list read. A book i recommend is, Ellen's seriously I'm not kidding.. such a fun read!