Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Talk Myself Out of Things

I can make a decision so quick and then spend my time talking myself out of it. It is annoying to myself and my husband. When our 1 year anniversary came around I knew I would be making the plans. My husband isn't a planner but a doer. When you have a baby you need a plan. Money is tight so I knew we would do something low key. I arranged a babysitter so me and J could have a nice sit down dinner. Once those plans were made I suddenly started second guessing my own plan. I looked up the menu and the prices and thought do we really wanna spend that kind of money on food? Is it worth the hassle of packing Jack's stuff up and driving him 30 minutes to my mom's house for a meal? I was looking at it all wrong. My practical side can get the best of me. Of course I never shared these thoughts with my husband until the day of. Cue argument.

He thought it was stupid to give this any thought. The plans were made so let's just follow them. This fight was with myself really and it was ruining our anniversary. We never left the house and we were frustrated with one another but mainly I was just frustrated with me and how I had ruined this. I didn't want to ruin it. My practical side did it for me.

Since then I have been working on this personal issue. Being practical is a great thing but it can also be a curse.

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  1. I'm th exact same way! I talk myself out of things all the time and sometimes you just have to do those nice things.