Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Things That Have Simplified My Life

1. A trash can in the laundry room. I'm more likely to clean out the filter when I can just chunk it in the trash plus trash doesn't get pilled on top of the dryer anymore. 

2. A mail holder by the door. Hello kitchen table! There you are. I can see you now with all the mail gone.

3. A drop-all Jack basket in the living room. When you need a baby item you need it right that moment. Now we have the drop-all Jack basket we just put everything in there when it doesn't end up in its rightful place. Every so often I go put everything in it up. Now when we can't find something he needs we just go to the basket.

4. Two bookshelves. I am a reader but sometimes I buy books that I'm not ready to read or haven't had time to get to. Now I have a bookshelf in the guest room full of books I have read and I also reserve a shelf in the living room for books I haven't read. Now when I get in the mood to read a new book I just go to the bookshelf. Plus having it in the living room I can see them everyday as little reminders. 

5. Utilizing my kitchen table. Now that the mail is gone I have filled half of the table with scrapbooking supplies. We don't eat at our kitchen table. We are more into grabbing a plate and watching Big Bang Theory during our meals. I have wanted to do a scrapbook for Jack for awhile but every time I had a free minute I would have to grab the stuff and bring it to where Jack was. Now it is right there at the kitchen table. I don't have all of my scrapbooking stuff just enough to do a few pages at a time. Now when I am waiting on something to boil or he is playing I can take a few minutes to work on a page.


  1. A trash can in the laundry room would be such a good idea! A trash can in every room really helps though!

  2. Love all of these ideas...especially the mail holder! The desk in our kitchen is always overflowing with random mail!