Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Pictures

That is a heck of a lot of butter beans. I helped my mom shell these. She is still working on them but I did enjoy sitting with my mom watching SVU while shelling.

They are playing together! Bennett doesn't really care for Jack too much but Sunday morning Bennett sat beside him and they actually played for a few minutes together. 

I took this picture to show how my husband dressed my son like a hobo. I didn't know what he had dressed him in for bed and when I got up in the night to change and feed him this is what I saw. He is cute regardless. Oh and I know it is hard to tell but the shirt is really a gown and it is way too big for him.

We are working on pulling up. Saturday he was standing holding onto my mom's couch and I asked if anyone had stood him up. They hadn't. That was his first time pulling himself all the way up. He loves scraping his teeth on his baby bed. The sound drives me crazy. 

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