Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cara Box Time!!!!

I took a little break from the Cara Box Swap during the summer and I'm so glad I joined back up this month because I met two wonderful women. I sent Tanya her box. She is super sweet and a reader like me. She has 3 kids and a great husband. Her family does fun things together like camping. I received my wonderful box from Holly

I absolutely love coming home from work and having a box full of goodies waiting for me. Once I got Jack settled in his bouncer I tore that box open. First I saw that she left me a super sweet note and I know that she and I will stay blogging buddies. Here are pictures of the awesome items I got.

I love owls!!!

Picture frame to decorate, coffee, organic dark chocolate, fall decor, and a magazine. 

Closer look at the cute fall decorations.

I love all the fall decoration ideas in here!

I'm gonna use my decorations to make a cute "First trip to the pumpkin patch" frame.

I love everything I got and I'm ready to start decoration this frame. I have a couple ideas of what I want to create. I'm also thinking about using those owls to make some type of bunting for my library. I've already eaten some of the yummy chocolate (I'm sure you can tell it has been open from the picture). Thanks Holly for all the great stuff!!!!

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  1. What a great box! I just posted my reveal post with my vlog. I have come to the conclusion that I annoy myself. Ha.
    I also have an idea I am going to email you about soon.
    Have a great day!